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Warriors of the realm
AliveLevelNameLocationRaceSexLast On
Yes 15 Effervescent Oblivion Sahara Inside dwelling Draconus Female 777 days
Unconscious 15 Dashing Dark Enigma Stark Xynnar Vampire Male 1094 days
Yes 15 Heartless Akasha The Grotto Gnome Female 17 days
Yes 15 Rainbow God GaBrIeL_BeCkEr The Whitsundays Sheareres Sheila Male 160 days
Yes 15 Wedge Tailed Eagle SuperMegaFan Ehrendil Imp Male 207 days
Unconscious 14 Devilishly Sweet Kunera ! Kraytok Elf Male 1176 days
Yes 13 Skye Ehrendil Faerie Female 751 days
Unconscious 11 Sky God Theodore Aljerer City Human Male 306 days
Yes 11 Cow Cocky DandyBG The Whitsundays Felyne Male 87 days
Unconscious 9 Angel of Darkness Azalea Rose Aljerer City Drow Female 1465 days
Yes 8 Princess of Mayhem Anastasia The Whitsundays Faerie Female 1044 days
Yes 8 Hawaiian Princess Keao The Whitsundays Felyne Female 1140 days
Yes 7 Enchanting Queen Arabelle Inside dwelling Dole Bludger Female 1127 days
Yes 6 Nightmare Katia Aljerer City Gnome Female 17 days
Yes 5 Divine Beauty Ginny Star The Whitsundays Draconus Female 63 days
Unconscious 5 Mythical Platypus Azurenai Aljerer City Dragon Rider Female 1369 days
Yes 5 Serenity LilyRose Inside dwelling Whitelighter Female 57 days
Yes 5 Pretty Face Wallaby Ames Ehrendil Gargoyle Female 5 days
Yes 4 Preposterous Kale Aljerer City Invisible Man Male 1100 days
Unconscious 3 Radioactive DJ Saturn Aljerer City Dragon Rider Male 980 days
Yes 3 Wallaby God Jon Inside dwelling Vampire Male 1157 days
Yes 3 Forgotten Toron Ehrendil Dragon Rider Male 231 days
Unconscious 3 Rogue Wise One A'Sharai The Whitsundays Felyne Female 621 days
Unconscious 2 Umbra Prince Karter Aljerer City Dragon Rider Male 980 days
Unconscious 2 Enchanted Beauty Sabrina The Whitsundays Draconus Female 841 days
Yes 2 Kujitai Empress Kalisiin Inside dwelling Elf Female 1261 days
No 2 Bloke Vinsomme The Whitsundays Dole Bludger Male 155 days
Yes 1 🕷 Canser Ddidostur 🕷 Julana Dragon Rider Male 95 days
Yes 1 Mysterious Sparkle Princess Crystal Inside dwelling Dole Bludger Female 518 days
Yes 1 Wild and Crazy Witch Evily Sweet Inside dwelling Dingo Female 171 days
Yes 1 Precious Pandora Inside dwelling Lycan Female 1263 days
Unconscious 1 Magical Deamon Dan Aljerer City Vampire Male 1356 days
Yes 1 Vyrania Inside dwelling Dragon Rider Female 527 days
Yes 1 Sexy Eyes Tigger Inside dwelling Dragon Rider Female 1048 days
Yes 1 Ancient Technomagi Hand, Annie Ehrendil Dragon Rider Female 593 days
Yes 1 Archangel Guardian Kakashi Pantheon Dragon Rider Male 80 days
Yes 1 Silly English Knigget HunterD Aljerer City Whitelighter Male 3 days
Yes 1 Alluring Grace Brynley Rivendell Felyne Female 821 days
Yes 1 Maniacally Insane KrazyKiller Inside dwelling Vampire Male 44 days
Yes 1 DarknessFalls The Grotto Bunyip Male 87 days
Yes 1 Deadly Caress Inside dwelling Amazon Female 333 days
Yes 1 Moon Goddess Emma rose Aljerer City DarkElf Female 1267 days
Yes 1 Shimmering Starrina Inside dwelling Elemental Female 946 days
Unconscious 1 Aussie Icon God Sylvyr Aljerer City Elf Male 1286 days
Unconscious 1 Moxy, Melicia Ehrendil Dragon Rider Female 596 days
Yes 1 Randy Peacock Isaiah Saeclum Elemental Male 624 days
Yes 1 Beautiful but Daft Alice Xynnar Vampire Female 7 days
No 1 Bloke daddypance Thon Kolduhr Gnome Male 91 days
Yes 1 Bloke TempusDelicti Inside dwelling Invisible Man Male 155 days
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