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Silly English Knigget HunterD2018-08-24 02:12:11
Please update your bookmarks! The new site address will be http://aljerer.rpglink.in moving forward.

Thank you!


Aljerer Colors!
Vyrania2018-08-13 22:44:53
Hello everyone!

Just wanted to give you guys a QUICK update. Our awesome King Hunter is working on getting us a color test box!

In the meantime, I have gone through and complied a COMPLETE list of all of our lovely shades for you to use in your titles and in the chat areas! They are as follows:

Sample – W
Sample – 4
Sample – 8
Sample - $
Sample – P
Sample – p
Sample – Q
Sample – 9
Sample - *
Sample - d

Sample – l
Sample – L
Sample – 3
Sample - #
Sample – 1

Sample – 2
Sample - @
Sample – K
Sample – F
Sample – z
Sample – g
Sample – f
Sample - 0
Sample - ~

Sample – y
Sample – Y
Sample – t
Sample – T
Sample – e
Sample – E
Sample – q
Sample – D
Sample – x
Sample – 6
Sample - ^
Sample – m
Sample - M

Sample – o
Sample – O
Sample – r
Sample – R
Sample – s
Sample – S
Sample – v
Sample – V
Sample – 5
Sample - %
Sample - !
Sample – w
Sample - J

Sample – X
Sample – 7
Sample - &
Sample - (
Sample - )
Sample - j

Please refer back to this MotD for all your coloring needs until the test box is live.

Happy coloring!

Welcome New Staff!
Vyrania2018-08-07 23:07:09
Hey everyone! Let's throw a few shrimp on the barbie in honor of our new moderators!


Please show them the same respect you would the rest of staff.

Congrats guys!

Happy Birthday Hunter!
Vyrania2018-07-22 12:13:02
Happy Birthday to our very own KING HUNTER!

To celebrate this joyous occasion, everyone has been gifted 1000 gems!

Long Live King Hunter!

Happy Father's Day!
Silly English Knigget HunterD2018-06-17 14:35:53
To all of our fathers, moms doing double duty and father figures, Happy Father's Day!


Silly English Knigget HunterD2018-01-28 10:31:31
G'day! Welcome home to Aljerer!

I'm in the process of un-doing some of the less-popular changes made to the site by my former co-owner. Please pass the word along to your friends that said person is no longer staffing on this site and will not be allowed to play here any longer.

We need your help!

I am holding a contest to rename the newly-renovated pyramids. I've decided to blow up the old icosa-whoosits and bring our 'mids home. Send in a petition with your favorite names, and the winner will receive a $25 donation package absolutely FREE! That's right, you get $25 worth of donator points and incentives for FREE!

ALSO ALSO!!!! Pass the word along that Aljerer has done some housekeeping. Get a player who hasn't logged in for over 30 days to come home and petition, you get 50 DPs. 60 days? 100 DPs. 180 or more? 250 DPs. Alts don't count, so please don't try me. :)

Alrighty.. back to the grind.


Special Incentive Donation Drive!
Silly English Knigget HunterD2018-01-16 10:39:12
Special Incentive Donation Drive!
From 1/16/18 until 2/16/18, all donations will be tripled. Additionally, your original donation will be matched on any ONE of the following RPGLink sites:
Forbidden Realm
One Ring Online
Deathstar: Star Wars Online RPG
Dragons of Myth
Legend of Nathyrnn
Donate during this period and you will automatically be bumped up to the next donation incentive tier!*
Ex: Donate $5, get the $5 AND $10 incentives!
This special only runs once a year... donate now and support your favorite RPGLink sites!
*excludes $2 starter donation tier

Creative ideas and such...
🕷 Canser Ddidostur 🕷2017-08-28 22:13:04
We are looking for some very creative ideas moving forward. Submit your ideas via petition! We will have some things coming in September for sure!

From the control room of the TARDIS
Green Dragon Staff2017-08-15 13:24:08
To change things up a bit. The Forbidden Pyramids are now Isocahedrons (20-sided pyramid) to ultimately confuse you a bit more. In the Battle arena, I thought about advertising those characvters a bit more by calling the Arena nav Battle the Titans. And, Slaying other players in the fields, are now called The Killing Fields. Have fun with the changes.

August Birthdays
Green Dragon Staff2017-08-08 00:34:27

2nd Niklaus

2nd Bhairyuu

8th Sysis

8th Cashboxxx

9th Hugo

20th Jon

29th Psicopata

Anyone we missed this month for birthday announcements, send Time Lord a YoM and I'll make the necessary changes and add you in.

Thank You for playing in Aljerer

Time Lord

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