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Forever His Storm~ thank you Storm for letting me whisper in your ear, can i now whisper to you every time i think of something? cause i get lots of thoughts in my head I HAVE to share with you ~Miss. Anastasia~
~Miss. Anastasia~ Oh man what have i done!!! Forever His Storm~
DisOrderly DaNika~ pppsstt Danika, Storm said I can whisper to her all my thoughts in my head when ever I want, anytime, day or night , she said I can whisper in her ear and she will listen to me ANY time, she is the best sister ever! ~Miss. Anastasia~
Child of Chaos KinxMinx! Did you know a giraffe can clean its ears with its 21 inch tongue...I have always liked giraffe's ~Miss. Anastasia~
~Miss. Anastasia~ Does my ass look big in this? o.0 Child of Chaos KinxMinx!
Child of Chaos KinxMinx! only in the daylight, Kinx, just keep standing side on and remove those yellow beeping lights that flash when you walk backwards,and no one will notice a thing ~Miss. Anastasia~
Spiritual Skye! I loves you!! Anonymous
Child of Chaos KinxMinx! Your ass looks fine exactly as it is, dear. And I'm glad I have every morning to wake up to the one that owns it. Fortunate to call you mine; infinitely more to be yours. I love you, Kinx; from now 'til the day I meet my end, and into the endless beyond. Dominion Irvine Graves
Princess Hinata I <3 you. May I wish many a hugs upon ye from me and may you Roll like you did the first day I met you for ever more... -{@ Sir Hugsalot Astarael
Snowy Vamp Jacob I miss you. =( Anonymous
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