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~Miss. Anastasia~ No not at all. Star Stinger Kingbeeman!
Star Stinger Kingbeeman! lucky Ladybear was saved by the bears and raised as their own, but, it must of been very difficult to live amongst them and learn of their ways ~Miss. Anastasia~
Irvine Graves I Love You Graves... Aljerer Hang Tight...Friends I Miss you all...PeAcE! Child of Chaos KinxMinx!
Irvine Graves Through the Darkest Night and the Brightest Day, You will find me by your side... @}-;-- Child of Chaos KinxMinx!
Child of Chaos KinxMinx! My beautiful rose, to which even the dimmest of dreams alight. My heart, my soul, my all; from the dimmest and darkest, to the most fanciful of delights - you eternally hold my love. --(-{@ Irvine Graves
~Mrs. Anastasia~ roses are red violets are blue flowers are sweet but not like you Anonymous
Farmboy Xarin I just wanted to say "Thank you" for taking such good care of me. Farmgirl Elinda
~Mrs. Anastasia~ to my Loving wife i aplogise for not being around as much but i plan on making a private date with the Resteraunt and you and i will dine ALONE! our son will follow after i need time to catch what ever bond i lost with him Mr. Rogue
Page Paige "You're not cooking!" "Yeah dude!" Anonymous
~Mrs. Anastasia~ What is love when it comes from the sweetest of roses?... well i know where our love stands.... the clouds no the Solar system i love you so much Anastasia there is nothing in this world that will ever tear our love apart =] i love you baby Mr. Rogue
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