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Demon Bunny Sahara Boo! Auntie <3 :D Anonymous
Dazzling Elemental Crystal ~ Psst hehe whisper whisper Elemental Prophet Jacques Le-Muer !
Elemental Prophet Jacques Le-Muer ! I promise not to tell *looks around* shshshshsuuushshs Dazzling Elemental Crystal ~
Lil Angel Starling ! A very happy Birthday as it finally end of the month to Starling who now 5 yrs old ( game wise) Lots of love (game mommy) Beauty Bushies Wife Beauty
Enchanting Queen Arabelle ~ i think someone is taking our pyramids Crow Eater Myyrlin
Crow Eater Myyrlin i think your right, lets wait until he is finished then we can sneek in there and capture them, *dances without spilling her martini* Enchanting Queen Arabelle ~
Deadly Ravishing Beauty Star loves her mommy and daddy! <3 Lil Angel Starling !
Stylish Seahorse Queen Arabelle ~ I found your martini stash... Anonymous
Shark Kenshin ! *Arabelle is seen running around in circles in total mad panic* Anonymous
Rebellious Angel Lexi you are a great friend maybe even more then that! and i hope you shall let me whisper to you whenever i need to.. Neptune Rayquazza
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