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Star Stinger Kingbeeman ~ WOW wtg 900 dks I am very happy for you ~ Crown Princess Ladybear ~
The Dreamer Amme WOW keep it up, ~ Crown Princess Ladybear ~
~Dazzling Elemental Crystal ~ Your A Awsome friend! City Chick EvilySweet
Crow Eaters Woman EvilySweet you are also a good friend *hugs* ~Dazzling Elemental Crystal ~
Bloke ErickNight <3 Erick.. I love you more than life. More than air, water, and all other necessities.. because you are my necessity. The only thing I'll ever need.. Love you! <3 Sheila UnicornNinja
Ancient Elemental Jacques Only have a few minutes love. Soph is actually sick with a bug that's been going around, and I have to go get ready in a little bit. High Priestess Skye Dawson !
Bad Wolf Rose Tyler My darling Rose. I love you so much, so much I must shout it from the rooftops. I am crazy in love for you. Alons-y Tenth Doctor
Enchanting Queen Arabelle ~ Your the funnest, fun,friendlyes, oh and Sillest boss lady/friend. Anonymous
Jack Possum grr I think your vary sweet and you are a Awsome dragon slayer. Playful Evily Sweet !!!
Faerie Princess Krystaline holy shit how do u deal' with all this nonsense... Bloke torro
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