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Vampire Red Princess Chrissy ~ MANY WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL ... You are the most beautiful MANY WOMEN ARE BRIGHT ... You are my diamond MANY WOMEN HAVE BEAUTIFUL SMILE ... Your smile comes from the soul MANY WOMEN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL VOICE ... Your is sweet, subtle and pleasant to hear MANY WOMEN SPEAK OF LOVE, You are the love as spoken MANY BATTLES WON WOMEN ... are warrior master this art MANY WOMEN take LAGRIMAS ... you the wipes them gently MANY WOMEN THINK IS WONDERFUL ... you are the rarest of beauties MANY WOMEN HAVE ACTION ... are pure and real action MANY WOMEN ARE VALUABLE ... you're the most beautiful of jewels. Vampire Kakashi !
Ghost Crystal ~ ~ 1. Bloody Mary 2. America 3. Mary Shelley 4. Romania 5. 6. Tim Curry 7. Fruit 8. 9. Mexico 10. Can talk to the dead Suicidal Ocelot
Bushie The Other Oh my! What could your secrit be? The Mischievous Evily Sweet ~
Mysteriously The Other ~ You are super sweet! Walkabout Wilma Lady Spark
-=+Dinkum HunterD+=- I see you Anonymous
Femme Fatale Evily Sweet ~ Twinsy!!! TWINSY!!!! TWINSSSSYYYY!!!! hi! <3 You're the awesomest twinsy in the whole wide universe!! I loves you!! :3 The Demonic Princess Sahar
Bloke Rhys grim Mine, all mine! ;0 Nightmare Katia
Sexy Eyes Tigger Good luck!!! Hope You do well!!! Earbasher Krazy Killer
Femme Fatale Evily Sweet ~ hehe hiiii im bored but hiiiii Anonymous
The Demonic Princess Sahar I realy missy you my Twinsy! It's no fun with out you. Nobody gets me like yous! Femme Fatale Evily Sweet ~
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